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Access and browse the internet anonymously with our free software that utilizes free proxy connections to hide your ip address, blocks cookies and erases your internet history. Surf the web in total privacy.

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Stealth Anonymizer works in conjunction with proxy servers to provide the most private platform possible for you to browse the internet. All of your internet activities including visiting websites, using Gmail or other online email, file sharing and other downloads will be done totally anonymously. Our database of anonymous proxy servers is continuously updated, so you will always have a good connection.

Stealth Anonymizer also blocks cookies, delete browser history and displays your current internet connection speed. You can keep your computer or laptop completely private and secure, plus you can also protect your entire wireless or LAN network. Keep your information private and your communications secure with the complete anonymizer solution.


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Protect your identity, hide your IP address and browse the internet in total anonymity with an easy to use software that works directly with your browser to keep your internet activity private and your browser history clean.

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